Week 13 – #38 – Selfie

Not too long ago I was given a “vintage” photography book: The Amateur Photographer’s Handbook, by Aaron Sussman, first published in 1941. The copy I have was the 6th printing, from 1962. A lot of material is quite out-of-date, of course. In one section, the author compares images from a cheap camera and an expensive [...]


Week 12 – #39 – Shot Though Glass

Shot through glass and water, to be precise. These photos are from the Sea Life Aquarium in the Grapevine Mills mall in Grapevine, Texas, where we took our two grandsons Saturday. This was our first visit to this aquarium, and we were very impressed by the design of the tanks, which almost never required us [...]

Week 7 – #3 – Backlit

I attended the Plano Balloon Festival Friday evening, thanks to a media pass provided to members of the Plano Photography Club by the festival organizers! Unfortunately, circumstances limited the number of balloons launched to just one. However, there were some skydivers, and they provided a good opportunity to use the "backlit" challenge as they flew [...]

Week 6 – #50 – Urban Scenery

Here are a couple of scenes from one of the most unique parks in downtown Dallas - Klyde Warren Park. Below our feet is a major highway. The park was created by decking over parts of the highway. The park was completed about a year ago but this was my first visit. There is surprising [...]

Week 5 – #33 – Paths and Trails

This photo was shot on Labor Day, 2014, at Cedar Ridge Preserve, the best place to go hiking in Dallas County. The trail is called the Cedar Brake Trail. ("Brake" being an old-fashioned word for a grove.) It's about two miles long and goes up and down over some hills, but not too strenuous. In [...]

Week 4 – #47 – Summer Fun

This summer, in August, my wife, Barbara, and I had fun exploring the area around Cloudcroft and Alamogordo, New Mexico. We spent one day at White Sands National Monument, and went back a second evening to get moonrise photos. We loved the stark beauty of the dunes, and the skies, clouds, and sunsets were fabulous, [...]